We constantly improve the qualification of our employees and extend our machinery park to ensure complete customer service in permanent pursuit of technological development. As a result of the above, we offer wide and complex range of services:

2D & 3D CNC milling

Material’s computer processing in three dimensions (XYZ), what allows to receive spatial surface.


Cutting the objects to the proper dimensions, with precision up to 0.01 mm..

MIG welding and dimensional steel cutting 

Steel constructions’ creating and processing, precise steel components cutting to size.

Surface final processing

Finishing edges and surfaces with grinding, chamfering, striping and engraving.

Variety of materials processing

Our milling plotter is equiped in oscillating knife, which allows to cut such different materials like: carpets, foam, cardboard, leather, etc.

Colorless coating on the mat

Surface finishing with colorless, matt varnish - full pneumatic installation.

CAD / CAM Design

We offer help in transforming the vision into a real CAD design and professional nesting service for minimizing material waste.


Each package is properly protected against damage in transport and always delivered to the designated location.

Machines: InfoTEC 3121 PRO

Working surface : 3100 X 2100 mm

Cutting speed : 500 mm / sek 

Repeatability accuracy : 0,05 mm ( 50 mikronów )

Workable materials :

- wooden materials ( LDF, MDF, HDF, plywood, solid wood ) ; 
- non-ferrous metals - aluminium, brass, copper, bronze ;
- composite panels - DiBond, TuBond, HPL ;

- plastics - PMMA, Plexiglass, PCV, ABS, HPL, HDPE, HIPS, PETG, teflon, polyamide, LAB resin ;
- mineral & cement boards ( Equiton, Corian )

Whether the subject of the order is MDF milling, cutting aluminum or plastics processing, it is always performed at a high level and with attention to every detail.