The biggest succes achieve those who treats their job with passion..

Starting as a small design business producing skate parks, no one imagined that hobby will turn into a professional studio.

From „KB Skatelab” by „KBCUT” to


"KBCUT - Professional CNC Studio

we have been still developing our skills, improving competences and investing in technological equipment. 

We make our job to be proud about the final effects and to believe that things we create are just perfect... 

There is no greater satisfaction than using own know-how and being sure that provided products can’t be better made. This sincerity to: client, project and each other - creates responsible brand...

That’s why we set ourselves new goals and consistently going to achieve them...




To achive market dominant cost position of CNC services without compromising product quality.



The level of services’ professionalism is the element that distinguishes our company from the competition and allows to meet the needs of even the most unique customers.